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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lil Scrappy and Rolls Royce Rizzy shutdown Club Maze and rock Spartanburg!

All I can say is, "Wow!".   The show that Lil Scrappy and Rolls Royce Rizzy put on was amazing! You can track back to our Twitter feed and see the live tweets.  The crowd went bananas when Lil Scrappy opened up with "No Problem".  Rolls Royce Rizzy got the crowd singing along with "Body Bags".  The show was very interactive.  They couldnt do this without the fans! Also, big thanks to Knock Out Kings #KOK for keeping everyone safe! They were dragging the troublemakers out all night as needed so that people could enjoy the show.
The staff at Club Maze was phenomenal! We had our own escort that made sure we had everything we needed!  Ty was great.  Thanks for keeping up with us. We had an all access pass to bring you footage of the most electrifying show Spartanburg, SC has seen in a long time. There were people there from NC, Columbia, Charleston and ATL!  Hope you enjoy the video.
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Here is Rolls Royce Rizzy's dope song "No Time" on his new project "GOD GOT ME" hitting stores 9/11. After that he starts his tour!


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