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Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Do It" Bash at Club Maze with Ray Lavender and Mykko Montana

"DO IT" Bash

Club Maze brings another stellar show to Spartanburg!  Pictureman and Mr 2500 set off another amazing show by enlisting the talents of DJ Candy of 
Ray Lavender and Mykko Montana  performed live on stage.  Ray had the ladies going wild with that voice of his.  They were entranced by his sweet sound and quick moves.  Mykko got the everyone off their feet and and set that stage on fire! Mykkos' sick flow from songs like "Do It" with DJ Candy spinning the tracks.  You will get to see the crowds response.  The whole place was jumpin'. Were you there? What did  you think?

If you missed it maybe you should TurnUP next time.  The rapper Future will be at Club Maze Sep. 27th.  As always you can follow me @xcerptshow for live Twitter updates tweet at me if you are at the shows, and stay tuned into the XcerptShow for pix and video. TurnUp, get your face on the site and your butt to the show! 

Video coming soon...

Check out these pix for now! 

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