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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ground Zero will let you mosh!

Lecherous Nocturne, Avast, Terrigen Mist and Merzah 

I didnt get many pix any pix of the 8.24 show at Ground Zero, but I got quite a bit of video.  If you want to skip around to different bands go on YouTube and look at the comment posted.  You can click the time links to go to where you need to.
Try scanning to these times:
00:03 - Terrigen Mist does the Xcerptshow scream! 
00:08 - Merzah Babes do a Ground Zero Shoutout 
00:14 - David's Picks of the show 
00:47 - The Terrigen Mist Interview 
04:13 - Avast Party Core Interview followed by performance samples 07:14 
06:04 - Reidville Rd "The Gallery" Tattoo shop info 
08:13 - Merzah Babes! 
08:28 - Merzah Interview followed by performance samples 10:15 
10:48 - Lecherous Nocturne Interview

Check out these bands; like their facebook pages! 

Lecherous Nocturne
A very heavy local band that was the headlining act for this tour.  They were very coy about their future tour buddies, but they promised it would be something big.  They are from right here in Spartanburg.  Keep an eye on them. They have some pretty sweet pics on their site.

Avast Party Core
They bring a lot of energy to shows.  They have great stage presence and really know how to get the crowd jumping. There was tons of energy in the music and the singing.  They blend all sorts of music to give you an energy shot to your ear.  You wont be disappointed when you see them. They willl be back at Ground Zero 9.10.12  and 10.27.12
FYI: They are looking for a trailer to help them tour.  Message them on FB if you have something. 
Avast won the XcerptShow "Presentation Award" of the show.

The Terrigen Mist
They leave it all out on the stage.  They came all the way up from ATL to play at Ground Zero.  They come from a  Hip Hop hub where you can find Lil Scrappy and Rolls Royce Rizzy. They have been running around in the underground for awhile, but people are starting to take notice!

They put on a very regal performance. Even their Facebook cover photo impresses.  The singer towers above you and delivers his message almost like an evangelist. He sings and almost like an opera then he screams like demons are stealing his soul.  It is just something you have to see for yourself.
Merzah won the XcerptShow "Best Fans" award of the show.


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