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Friday, November 2, 2012

Drugs and phones do not mix!

What meth does to your mind...

Situation: I found a phone in the road early one morning at 0300.  I looked through the contacts for frequently dialed numbers and most of the contacts and texts were in Spanish.  Im guessing that is because of Paco in the video thumbnail below.  I also pulled up the attached Facebook account for the owners name.  I found the name Jennifer Davis to be the person.  By looking through the pictures I instantly thought, "white trailer trash" but she probably really needs her phone back. So I texted what I thought to be her husband. Given the fact he was labeled as "esposa" I realize that is wife, but my wet floor sign language is a little rusty.
I sent the text, we exchanged texts and she began calling me and leaving messages.  I sent one last text saying, 'Im sleepn we can talk later. Stop calling. I will leave ur fone somewhere for u." My intentions were apparently in adequate for this soul less ginger.  She started a campaign of harassment centered on the diabolical plan that she would fill up my voicemail in an attempt to make me return her phone sooner than I had intended.
The following video is a majority of the audio from the voicemails that she left and the white texts is most of the texts exchanged.  Im guessing the only time she wasnt on the phone with me was spent smoking Marlboros and cramming off brand deserts in her face.  Here is one annoying cunt...

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