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Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Charger parking lot test

Here at the XcerptShow, we got a hold of 2013 Dodge Charger for a photo shoot. If you haven't seen the pictures the link is included. It also made in appearance in two music videos("When Times Get Hard" and "Gone") shot and directed by XcerptShow.
I had some time to drive the car and I liked a lot about it. But there were a couple things I didn't like.

Pro: 297hp, bag hooks in trunks, interior lighting(lights on the handles, step lights, cup holder lights!), rear lighting

Con: Gas mileage, USB input doesn't charge a phone, front styling looks like an "Angry Bird"

The power was amazing. The ability to turn off the traction control made making donuts and burnouts a breeze. I had fun driving it for the week, but the gas guzzling V6 really hurt my wallet. The tank holds about 17 gallons and it was getting about 16mpg. I am used to driving a car that gets 40mpg on a bad day and routinely get +45mpg!

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