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Friday, January 15, 2016

Facebook Security in an Unsecured Internet of Things

Mark Zuckerberg wants to have everyone in the world on Facebook.  He has even started a campaign that is offering free internet to 2nd and 3rd world countries called "Free Basics".  Just imagine 7 billion+ people with access to your information.  The guy from Kenya that sends email about your long lost rich dead uncles inheritance may attempt to have a profile add you as a family member or  use public family relation information to further sell the con.
In a growing world of the Internet of Things, we are constantly warned about privacy with our personal information.  You would be surprised what can be gleaned from the average persons Facebook profile.
We previously showed you how to reduce junk mail to make your mailbox less cluttered and to plug a few security leaks.  Junk mail is a physical security leak, but what about the more easily accessed digital leaks on social media?
XS is releasing a series on just that. It will help you limit the information random people can get about you to fill in identity gaps they need to steal your identity.  A stolen identity can be a very costly problem.  The steps are completely free, simple and quick.

Check out the short excerpts:

The excerpts cover the following topics:
Lists: Making, viewing, posting and editing
Following/ Unfollowing
View As
App and game permissions and blocking
Security checklist tool
Basic information
Profile pictures
Cover photos
Phone numbers
Inbox and "Other" box and how they work
...and the Questions you leave in the comments.

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