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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Why is the coronavirus so deadly inside China?

The coronavirus 2019-nCoV is much more deadly in China than it is outside of China.  I have a theory as to why that is.  The 2019-nCoV is a respiratory virus that can cause pneumonia and lung damage.  China has unhealthy air quality in many of its cities.  The air quality in China contributes greatly to the respiratory virus' death rate.  The virus will spread based on hygiene and how contagious it is, but death will be contributed to the health of the individual and their lungs. Living in a city with bad air lowers your health and weakens your lungs. 

Is the virus more deadly in China than outside of China?
There have been 2 deaths outside of China(Philippines, Hong Kong[another ailment present also HK is in the moderate range]) and 34 recoveries out of 28 affected countries.
While inside China the virus has the most kills in the outbreak province of Hubei("unhealthy for sensitive people"/ "unhealthy" air quality).
If this theory is correct then as the virus spreads north around Beijing expect an uptick in deaths concentrating there. The air around Beijing is largely in the "very unhealthy" range.


Air Quality
China has horrible air quality and some of the most polluted cities on Earth.  The air quality in many cities in China has the effect of heavy smoking. Air pollution in the cities is said to significantly shorten life spans.  The World Bank estimates that 400,000 Chinese have died prematurely to air pollution.



Vice Part 1(2012):
Vice Part 2(2012):

What is China doing about it?(This is full on propaganda)

If we look back at another CoV outbreak known as SARS back in 2003 then we see a smaller scale outbreak.  Death rates from SARS should be lower because Hong Kong has a much better air quality than that of Hubei and Hebei provinces.

Virus data source
Air Quality Map
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2019-nCoV Timeline

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