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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 reasons that prove Climate Change isnt our fault

Follow the logic.  Climate change is undeniably related to moving air.  Without it everything would be static weather-wise.

So what causes the air to move on a global scale?  The rotation of the Earth.
How rotations impact on weather is further proven with the example of Uranus. It spins in an entirely different way and its weather patterns reflect that difference.

We have had drastic changes in weather in the form of "ice ages" and their subsequent warm ups before man was even industrialized.

What is the "median" temperature of the Earth?
We  havent been collecting data long enough(relatively), and we just dont posses enough data!

All climate change is based on models.  In science if a model fails you remove it and make a new one or tweak calculations.  The models have only failed and have not been changed!

Science is about observation and predictability.  If you fully know how something works then you can predict its reaction.  If a five day forecast isnt completely reliable(this would display a general understanding of the forces at play) then why do we expect a 100 year prediction of a temperature change of  < 3 degrees and the supposed global calamity it will bring?

The climate debate is ridiculous.  The guy who came up with it even says that his idea was incorrect and that he had insufficient data.  But regardless of all that nonsense you hear in the news from people(news anchors are pretty dumb.) who know very little.  Here are THREE indisputable weather facts that prove extreme weather exists outside of human influence.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot
I think we can all agree that man isn't the cause of this massive storm on Jupiter that has been swirling for over 150 years.  No human has been to Jupiter and that still exists.  The largest storm on Earth was 1000 miles across and had wind speeds of 200mph.  This storm hits 400mph and is twice as wide as the earth itself.


Neptune's Great Dark Spot
I think we can all agree that man isn't the cause of this massive storm on Neptune.  Unlike Jupiter this anticyclonic storm is actually a series of storms that come and go.  The spots range in size but can be as big as Earth!

Weather on Uranus
I know.  It sounds hilarious, but Uranus is big enough to have its own weather. *rimshot* Uranus is unique to all the other planets because it spins on its side like a rolling ball as opposed to most other planets with varying degrees of wobble like tops up in end.  Uranus still has weather pattern bands like Jupiter and Neptune regardless of its orientation.  It is hypothesized that the rotation along with the warmth from core aids in creating these weather patterns.

The over arching principle is that planets themselves have a large impact on weather.   The Coriolis Effect determines how wind patterns are formed.  The earths core temperature impacts the oceans.  One volcano puts out more CO2 than every car ever built!  Not to mention the fact that CO2 is one of the lesser of the gases in the atmosphere.  CO2 only accounts for .04%! Yes, less than half of one percent!
Socialism connection
The whole CO2 tax idea and war on CO2 is a global socialistic agenda.  The idea is to stunt growth in first world countries while boosting growth in 3rd worlds.  In any socialistic endeavor we see only one thing happening.  The average person gets screwed.
Look at any Democratic controlled city in the US, Greece, the EU, Russia, China, Auroville(you should really research that it is interesting), ect... It has never worked and will never work.

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