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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The best water filters for the money

Whether you are playing Fallout76, camping,  prepping for the looming World War 3 or just live in a an average city, you know you will need to filter water.  From the very basic ones you can craft in Fallout 76 to the best reverse osmosis filters you can put on your house the quality of the water is important depending on the scarcity of the water supply.  In a extreme survival situation a quick pour through style filter from Fallout 76 could actually remove large debris. I wouldn't recommend drinking the product, but if all you have is a puddle then it is something. Reminds me to make sure I keep a LifeStraw(Best <$20 you can spend!) in my car to avoid that situation. But the survival filters are for another article.

In everyday life however, there are much more civilized methods of filtering water.  The biggest things most people want to eliminate are lead and fluoride.  You have probably heard of Aquagear, care plus, quooker, pitchers, gravity or a whole house water filters.  Each of these have their place in life, but what is best for you and your situation. So lets take a look at those situations.

I hate to break it to you, but if you live on a city or municipality that adds fluoride to your water then you NEED a whole house reverse osmosis water filter and a way to add back the minerals the reverse osmosis process removes. A recent Harvard study in a long multinational list of studies shows yet again that fluoride reduces IQ especially in the developing brain. It basically says that pregnant women and young children impacts the IQ of the child upwards of an IQ point a year.  Make sure you get 8 glasses a day and brush your teeth 3 times a day with that candy flavored toothpaste with the cartoon on it(fluoride content in toothpaste is many magnitudes higher than in water).

If reverse osmosis is what you are looking for then check out this highly rated system. Why is it recommended? The key to reverse osmosis in your kitchen is remineralization. You can drink pure water, but it will throw off your bodies PH balance.  Reverse Osmosis removes EVERYTHING. You are drinking straight water also referred to as "dead water", but your body needs a specific PH from the water you take in to help balance your body. 

 iSpring has a 7 stage RO with UV and remineralization under $300 and highly rated!

Reverse osmosis with UV like the iSpring above require power and water coming into your house.  At a minimum EVERY house that is on "city water" should have a fluoride removal(95% removal is better than 0% removal) system.  The Woder system is a simple install that will doesn't require any mess. You just get a bucket, turn off the water, unscrew the cold line(bucket is for dripping but a towel would even work), screw in the inlet then the outlet and let it run briefly check for leaks and you are done. This system should last about 2 years or less than 30 cents a day!  It pays for itself.

Woder under sink filter

If you want a more versatile system for great drinking water regardless of the source then a gravity fed system is the way to go.  You can fill it from the tap or the gutter or wherever else you get it.  Right now the leader is Propur.  They have a filter that removes all the bad stuff and leaves the goods stuff and significantly reduces the bad stuff that you cant get out without reverse osmosis.  Remember there is a slight(still amazing water) downgrade in water quality due to the versatility of the system. In the gravity fed field you need to pick the one that is right for your situation based on the amount of people that will utilize the system.  All of the systems are generally the same just have a larger reservoir.  Here are the Propur options based on users:

1 person
1-2 people
2-4 people
Backup filters(Should last 6 months or more with daily use)
Fill level spigot

If these are too much for you and you want to start with a pitcher there are options for you as well.  Although, one gallon at a time means this is purely for filling bottles and drinking a glass or two at a time.  One gallon will go quickly, but if you want the best for the money then Aquagear is by far the highest rated pitcher.  Brita, zerowater, and Pur dont even claim to reduce fluoride.  They just to improve taste is certain situations.  All of their filters are around the $10 mark. None of those are worth bothering unless taste is your only issue possibly from a well system.

Aquagear Pitcher

There appears to be a lot of advertising behind Aquagear aimed at women, and this is the only product they offer.  So I am instantly skeptical.  I did notice that Propur has a pitcher option and it is rated just as high, but it doesnt have the massive amount of ratings.  The Propur pitcher is the same price, but has filters priced $10 CHEAPER than the heavily advertised Aquagear. They appear to last about the same amount of time.  Propur has a other proven filter products, and doesnt have a feels marketing campaign behind it.  The cost shifting to the filters appears to be the catch. I would go with the proven name Propur.


See the marketing put into the Aquagear versus the Propur that makes me super skeptical. lol

Some people are skeptical of this being fear mongering, but the simple fact of the matter is things do happen.  Think back to "water boil advisories" in your local area, issues like Flint,MI, cancer causing agents in water, Cryoto isnt just in pools. Deaths can be directly related and indirectly related(cancer above).  Have you ever heard of a water system being audited and fixed on its own?  Neither have I.  These type of things usually come out after the fact and after a coverup(depending on severity).  The biggest idea here is to be prepared and not completely dependent on others for your survival. Can your drinking water kill you?

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