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Monday, August 19, 2019

"Godzilla: King of Monsters" and radical environmentalism

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters(2019)

In this movie about a giant lizard. The main plot is centered around a growing violent movement based on communism called radical environmentalism. Radical environmentalism is not someone who recycles or who argues for solar panels.  Radical environmentalism is someone who advocates and acts to promote the planet above the lives of humans.  The El Paso Walmart shooter, Dayton shooter and the Garlic Festival shooter all held these radical environmental views.  

The monsters in the movie are representations of natural disasters.  The movie refers to the bad guy as an "eco-terrorist". The female scientist, who we later find out is in on it, says she wants to use the "monsters" to wipe out humanity and reset the earth. She claims the monsters were awakened by humans activity harming the environment. The monsters were the fail safe to protect the earth.
They didn't focus on each monsters representation, but Rodan(flaming pterodactyl) seemed to be volcanoes. Zero(3 headed dragon) was associated with weather or large storms. At one point they said the monsters are causing every type of natural disaster known man and some unknown.
The movie further reinforces the idea that man is a plague on the earth. The same idea pushed out by the likes of AOC(a member of the DSA), Robert "Beto" Orourke and Bill Gates to name a few. They all preach the world ending in 10-12 years or the need to reduce the human population
In the end Godzilla goes Dragon Ball Z or something. I'm not sure what Godzilla represents other than radiation. But the bad guys kept saying "Long live the king" then after Godzilla wins all the monsters bow down to him. Which doesn't make sense because he is GODzilla and they reference the ancients worshiping the monsters as gods. But at the end they hint at a face off between Godzilla and King Kong. Long live the king would have made more sense with Kong. Were there no quotes about gods available? Guess they just needed trailer moments.

I found the young Ben Affleck to be annoying.  But there was an interesting part where she had a choice to go with daddy or stay with eco-terrorist mommy.  She stayed with mommy, but it was almost like there was low key mind control going on.  Then the young Ben Affleck runs off with the most important device in the world at the time and saves humanity. I almost got motion sick from my eyes rolling so hard. 

Side note - The crazy white haired scientist keeps bringing up "hollow earth" theory. Hollow earth theory was a theory the Third Reich tried to prove and generally associated with the paranormal. 

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