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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Expedition Unknown gear list

Here is a gear list for Expedition Unknown Season 5.  Season 5 covers Josh Gates' on his treasure hunting of Vikings, Nazis, Egypt, and many episodes in Central America(Mormons will like 10 and 11)  As much of the gear was identified as was possible from his gear to wardrobe.
His boots appeared to change frequently and there wasn't much focus on them. If you happen to recognize them from a given episode be sure to leave a message so the list can be updated.


The persistent gear used throughout the season involves stuff he is typically wearing or packs with him. The specific notable gear used in particular episodes will be broken down by episode.

His necklace is just an old necklace he got from England as a child. It is his travel superstition and as he calls it his "travel necklace"(2min YT link of Gates telling about it).

The wrist beads he wears in just about every episode.
His headlamp is a standard AAA battery headlamp buy a quality manufacturer.
He carries a $100 single blade folding pocket knife when he travels.  I dont recommend such an expensive single use knife for travel.
He recommends this Travel Adapter that he uses.
He carries a large Moleskin Notebook.
He carries these just in case.
His basic meds are Cipro antibiotics for bad food and water, Z-pak antibiotic for head and lungs and Pepto-bismol chewables.
His iconic "Crusher" hat.


Flashlight is used to illuminate the hole they drill in the structure after they find a void with GPR.

He seems to have the same style of shirt in various colors.

He seems to have the same style of pants in various colors.

He wore these the entire time he was in the jungle for these two episodes.


The device he used to pinpoint the Nazi coin hit he got with the metal detector.

Flashlight  is used to illuminate the basement area and dish storage room.


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