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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Will you fight for independence?

It is actually a coincidence that this article is coming out on July 4th, but I couldn't pick a better time for it to coincide with.  The significance of  7.4.1776 should be more than cookouts and fireworks.    The US is the way it is because of its freedoms.  How people can somehow seek to change what it is, and still expect it to remain successful is puzzling. Around the world citizens are starting to fight back against the oppressing external forces that are against their way of life.
Here are just a few.


The US is beginning to feel the squeeze of oppression that it has been insulated from for a long time.  As tensions grow, the ones seeking change are the ones that should be questioned not the ones who seek to keep the status quo or freedom.  All of the concessions that the seekers of change are working toward directly impact freedom, and it should scare you.   


South Africa is being hit hard by an agenda currently starting to take rise in the US.  Identity politics and income inequality are the basis for the murdering of white farmers in South Africa.  The problem is private property ownership is being abolished and "redistributed" to people based on race.  John Adams warned us about this in 1787 in his Defence of the Constitutions of the Government of the United States.
"Debts would be abolished first; Taxes laid heavy on the rich, and not at all o the others; and at at last a downright equal division of everything be demanded, and voted."
Adams' quote should scare you because it is exactly what leftist groups like Antifa and BLM are advocating for along with gun control.  Despite where the argument is misdirected, guns are a constitutional right(in the US) in order to prevent an unjust government.


Mexico has its own reasons for armed resistance.  Currently the resistance in Mexico is fragmented and doesnt really have a unifying symbol or flag.  Drug cartels are running many of the rural areas.  Local government officials from the cops up to the mayors are corrupt.  Cartels carry out killings with no consequences in many areas.  One source puts murder prosecution down as low as 10%.
The people of Mexico have had enough.  Their lives and livelihoods are being taken from them.  Local businessmen are standing up militias armed by mercenaries and volunteers to take back control from the cartels.
Cartels are international terrorist that are affecting the US in the form of large drug funded gangs.


The eastern bloc nations of the former USSR(Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, ect) are extremely vigilant against oppressive governments.  It is no coincidence they are defensive when it comes to Islamic immigration.  Islam is more than a religion.  Islam is an oppressive political ideology and not a religion.  Bulgaria has a group called BNO Shipka. They are associated with a wider group called Knights Templar International.  Hungary is out spoken as a country against Islamic immigration and openly and actively invites disenfranchised Europeans to take refuge in its Christian country.
Illegal immigration is a forced political paradigm shift from freedom to a strict adherence to Sharia Law.  Sharia Law should be opposed on every front.  It is antithetical to established law in the US. Legal immigration is at the will of the government, and is dependent on immigrants willingness to assimilate US values.  If US values are antithetical to immigrants values then why do they want to come here? 


Syria has been a proxy war for some time.  Fighters from all over the globe are converging on Syria to fight on both sides.  Some under the banner of governments in coalitions and others as independent freedom fighters.  The fight here is for the political ideology of oppression that is Islam. Syria is already Islamic, but for some that is not good enough.  Daesh(ISIS) is the vehicle for terrorism and oppressive government.
Syria is what will happen when the war comes to the US.  The US has been insulated by the wisdom of the founding fathers and the design of the Constitution.  The Constitution is slowly being eroded. Not only must the Constitution be protected from foreign enemies, but it also must be protected from domestic enemies seeking to corrupt it from within.


Ukraine had the unique experience of being invaded by a foreign country for a mere land grab.  Today that is largely unheard of.  Russia made a move into Ukraine and Ukraine's military was unready for the event.  Seeing the government was unable to protect them from the Russians, the people formed volunteer militias to fight. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army initially activated in WW2 under the flag above.  It has recently been activated under the same flag fighting the same ideal. The acting leader of the country was wise enough to see this force and utilize it in preservation of the country.  The documentary places a diabolical spin on the milita, but Vice is pretty far left. The reporter is visibly under the influence of drugs for most of the filming. 
We look to China and their claims on Taiwan and the small islands to its south that it keeps trying to arm.  Korea has cooled down for the moment, but who knows how that will evolve.  Our allies could drag us into a war.  It is nice being isolated by vast oceans, but Hawaii and Guam are geographically vulnerable.  The contiguous states are not out of reach with current technology.  What if that war comes to the US? 

These current events should be a warning to those who have freedom and are all to familiar to those who have lost it.  There WILL come a time that you will have to stop talking and start fighting for it.  Are you willing? How far will you let it get? It is a tough decision to make.  The oppressors count on the restraint of the people to slowly get used to their rights being eroded.  Be vigilant.
"The best prophet of the future is the past." -Lord Byron

**2019 Update**

The fight for Freedom rages on all over the globe.

France started a Yellow Vest movement to resist the burdensome taxation brought about by taxes to restrict fuel sales.  The protest quickly evolved to a broader taking back of basic freedoms the state had stolen from the people.

Hong Kong started protest to prevent the encroachment of the ChiComms.  Beijing is prepping to push in and subdue the protesters while they wave AMERICAN flags and sing the anthem of the US. The global standard of freedom.  It is amazing how the Democratic party can say the US and oppressive nation.

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