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Friday, June 29, 2018

An easy way to save money on stuff you buy anyway.

We are back with another legit money saving method.  It is simple and uses tricks that online merchants like drop shippers(drop shippers are why you should be careful what you buy on Amazon and Ebay) use to widen their profit margins.  We have gathered their tricks to show you how to save money.  One of the best ideas is some of these ways can be used with coupons.  So if you coupon then this is something you need to be doing.  Check out some useful examples below.  The system integrates with your existing budget!
Imagine saving literally up to 10% shopping at Walmart buying things you need like groceries and appliances you would buy anyway. Imagine an average household spends $400 a month on groceries.  A minimum of 7% savings at Walmart just buying groceries would save you $28 a month!

Kohls I've seen over 13%.  Imagine the discounts available in store at Kohls then saving an EXTRA 13%.  The concept works at tons of different retailers from electronics to power tool stores.

It is completely possible for both examples and many more with just a few simple steps. You dont have to do all of them.  You can do each on its own in whatever combination you are comfortable or combine them together for double digit saving percentages.  We are interested to see how high your percentages go.  Be sure to drop a post on the FB page.

For a simple example we are going to use Walmart buying groceries which is easily the best application for this system.


The first step that everyone should be doing is a cash back credit card.  People have a unhealthy fear of credit cards.  If used properly you can get 1% cash back from things like rent, power, water, phone, cable, ect. If you pay those mandatory bills with credit cards then you are looking at a free 1%.  This is a simple and easy step. You use the card to pay for everything you would pay for directly out of your bank account, you have a transaction protection and 1% back in your pocket. You pay the credit card balance at the end of the month, and you dont pay interest. It is super easy and super effective. We are not going to recommend any particular cards most banks have options and in today's market they are pretty straight forward and have no annual fees.
So we are saving 1% on all our groceries at Walmart. What else can we do?


I know. How will a gift card save me money on groceries.  Easy a website called Gift Card Granny(Using this link will give readers(you) 100 points to start off). Do yourself a favor and click that link and take(literally) 2 minutes to sign up and verify your email.  You dont have to add a credit card at this point, but you will be when you see how it works.  GCG sells gift cards of varying amounts for between 1-25% off.  The question is how? 
Sometimes people need cash and get gift cards as gifts or prizes(companies love to give away gift cards).  People sell gift cards to this site and the site resells the cards to you.  You will often times see pawn shops doing the same thing.  It is easy money for them.  
The various stores have differing rates. Currently Walmart is 4%, Kohls is 12%, Home Depot(remodel?) is 3% Target is 9% and Dunkin Donuts was 22%! 
Remember you are going to use your cash back credit card to buy the gift cards and that is going to add 1% as well.  Not only that, but GCG has a rewards program that gives you point towards free gift cards. The more you buy the more you save!  The best part is these are products you are going to buy anyway. You dont have to make a special budget to buy food.  Food is naturally built into budgets. 
So we got 1% from the cash back credit card + 4% for Walmart gift cards(in store) and gaining points for each dollar spent at GCG.  What else can we do?


There are many sites like this but the best is a website called SwagBucks(Using this link will give readers(you) free points to start off!) that gives up to 4% cash back just for shopping thru their portal at Walmart(as an example) which they have exclusively at the moment.  And remember we are just buying groceries. What about when you have to buy other things at Walmart?  The savings just keep stacking up.
So we got 1% from the cash back credit card + 4% for Walmart gift cards and gaining points for each dollar spent at SB. AND an additional 2%(or 4% if you buy a lot and decide to upgrade).
There we have a total of  7% saved on groceries at Walmart. With our first example of $400 per month that is $28 per month saved.  Imagine Christmas shopping, clothes at Kohls, tools at Home Depot and other places you spend money. Plus I have a bonus tip below!


If you have checked out one of our previous posts you will see referral sites used to generate completely FREE gift cards based on watching ads or using a browsing service.  If you want to know more about that click the link above.  Also, the links provided in that article will give you bonus points.  Sign up now, thank me later.  You can do that by itself. It is a slow process, but it definitely works.  I have been doing it for MANY years and it works great. I can make about $25-30 a month just using the website without making any purchases.

For an extra bonus, If you start using Walmart Grocery you can get $10 off of your first order.

Thanks for checking the article out.  Get out there and start saving!

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