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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Who is the girl from "I mean it" by G-Eazy

If you were like me when you saw the video for "I mean it" by G-Eazy then you have wondered who that beautiful girl with the dimples was.  Well, lucky for you, we have done some investigating and found her.

BTS for G-Eazy -  I Mean it

So who is the girl from "I mean it" by G-Eazy?

Paige Hurd

She is a professional actress.  If you watch TV you might recognize her from Everybody Hates Chris. She currently has a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0. Her last movie was from 2015 called A Girl Like Grace.  Have you seen the new Amazon Echo Show?

Enjoy these great photos of this beauty.
Other music video beauties discovered

She even twerks!
She was in another music video that only 80k people saw.
Hope all that info helped.
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  1. Who is that lovely woman on 1:13 in the official Clip ?

    1. Ive been looking into it and STILL cant find her. I even emailed the company that shot the video and no response. I was curious as well.