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Friday, September 23, 2016

Who are Caveira and Capitao on Rainbow Six Siege?
UbiSoft is at it again. They released their 3rd set of FREE DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege which includes 2 new characters with weapons and specials and one new map. The update is called Skull Rain and features a Brazilian map. The questions being: Why Brazil? And Why “Skull Rain”? If you remember the Dust Line article we wrote then you will notice that UbiSoft gets their inspiration for characters from the headlines. Skull Rain is no different.

According to the DLC road map put out by UbiSoft, the 3rd release was supposed to come out in July, but didn't make it out until mid August. Their release schedule has been a month behind and corresponds with some ESL event using Rainbow Six: Siege. A July release would have put “Skull Rain” in a good position right before the Rio Olympics. During the selection process for the 2016 Olympics there was great concern over whether or not Rio could host a safe Olympics. This coming after a successful hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. After years of unrestrained violence in the favelas of Rio the government decided it was time to crack down. 2014 through 2016 saw an uptick of policing using a special group called BOPE.

What is BOPE?

BOPE is Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais which is a special operations police unit. BOPE has come under scrutiny in the past for being heavy handed and corrupt. There have been allegations of evidence planted on dead bodies to make them look like drug dealers. But with the coming global events of 2014 and then later 2016, Rio had to crackdown on crime. To crackdown on crime they had to up policing and clear out the favelas. To up policing they had to pump money into the police and BOPE. BOPE was tasked with clearing out the favelas and they paid a high price in lives accomplishing that task ahead of these major global events.

Death is a very possible outcome in law enforcement and more so in an elite direct action unit like BOPE. In relation skulls are a very important part of the BOPE lore and tradition. We will talk about skulls a little later though. First, lets introduce you to the characters.

Who are the characters?

UbiSoft named the two characters Caveira(female) and Capitao(male). UbiSoft has a trend of offering one male and one female character in each DLC so this was expected and will most likely continue in the Japan update scheduled for October but will most likely release in mid November because all updates have been a month behind. So let's meet the characters.

Who are Caveira and Capitao?


Notice the word under the skull with a eye patch.
“Caveira” means “skull” in Portuguese and is directly related to BOPE. In the picture above taken from a BBC documentary it is shown in one of BOPE’s meeting areas and is a part of their motto. In fact, BOPE members use the term “skull” as a greeting instead of “welcome”. The skull is a symbol very important to BOPE and is repeated in the DLC from the name to the face paint. I looked at the possibilities for who they may have modeled the character after and as in Dust Line the female is not a direct relation because like there are not female Navy Seals there are no female BOPE operators. There are also no notable female military Brazilians that I could find. But there was this one female police officer who was making the rounds in media back in 2013 in the lead up to the World Cup crackdown and questioning the safety throughout Brazil. Her name was Coronel PMFem Cláudia Araújo Romualdo.

You can see she has that rugged attitude.  But she is older and not quite what they would want in a character that would be played by younger players. I think they crossbred her with the character from “Fast Five” Elena Neves.

Elena Neves is, of course, the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. Elena provided the appeal the game needed. She! And this picture of her modeling on the beach. Check out the pics below.
fast and furious wika



“Capitao” like you would have guessed means “Captain” Captain is a common high rank used in law enforcement. When I first saw the models for the release of the character I knew exactly where they got him from.

Commander Gripp
Meet Commander Marco Antonio Gripp from the BBC Two series “Welcome to Rio”. The episodes had many different aspects of the favelas and the cleanup before the World Cup and Olympics you can see more on the link above. The video that talks about Gripp shows his role in the cleanup and at the end we learned he died shortly after the filming. He was shot while clearing out a favela.

Notice the skull with a eye patch
In each of the photos you will notice they aren't an exact representation and they have darkened the skin to make them look more stereotypical Brazilian. But if you watch the documentary you will notice that most of them are light skinned. They also added an eye patch to Capitao which goes back to BOPE lore(above). It would be very difficult to be an operator without proper depth perception. You will also notice the text in the picture above.  "Ao Velho Caveira" It means "The Old Skull".  This is also why Capitao appears to be much older.  Once again the game looks back at BOPE lore.

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