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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Who are Thatcher and Sledge on Rainbow Six Siege?

The recent addition of Thatchers elite skin has confirmed suspicions of where Thatcher came from and further research has a reference to Sledge. The new Thatcher elite skin is called Operation Nimrod.  If you dont know what Operation Nimrod is then you have to watch the movie called 6 Days . Operation Nimrod was considered one of the most successful counter-terrorism operations to date.  The movie is really good. Not only does the name of the skin give us a clue, but Thatchers uncovered face shows us some unique facial hair.

Six Days isn't just a movie; it was based on an event in the 1980's.  The event is spelled out in a documentary by National Geographic embedded below. Remember that unique facial hair mentioned above? Thatcher makes his way into the documentary not as a reenactor, but as a participant telling about his experience during Operation Nimrod.  Thatcher or John McAleese makes his first appearance in the documentary at 16:05. You can jump ahead and check out the resemblance, but I encourage you to watch the full video.  It is really interesting.

But what about Sledge. An actual sledgehammer was used on the back side of the building to make entry when they were unable to use shaped charges.  Why were they unable to blow the window.  It is best seen in the movie.  The crew in the rear had a difficult time making entry.  The man wielding the sledgehammer was named Bob.

Other references to Operation Nimrod:
The embassy balcony that is assaulted looks a lot like the balcony on the embassy map in R6.
Thatchers original outfit has a 1980's style look to it.  It looks just like the accurate period gear in 6 Days.
Thatcher gets his name from Margaret Thatcher who was the Prime Minister of England at the time of Operation Nimrod.
Thatchers bio indicates that he took part in Operation Nimrod.

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