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Monday, September 4, 2017

Top 10 Kayak accessories for non-fishing kayaks

There are many types of kayaks from Pelican to Sun Dolphin to Old Town.  These accessories are assuming that you have the basics such as a PFD, whistle and paddle.
Here is a list of the top 10 kayak accessories for non-fishing kayaks.  There are tons of videos and websites dedicated to kayak fishing, but what about the people who like to get out there enjoy nature,  get some exercise or just relax?  As always take a moment to share this list with your kayak friends!
If you travel to kayak getting flights might be difficult to carry on a kayak.

Well here are some sweet items for you to trick out your yak with some non-fishing gear.  If you do happen to add these items or may be looking for some DIY additions then head on over to the r/kayakmods subreddit and check those out or leave a video of your mod. :)

I broke these down into 3 categories:  Protection, comfort and fun


Bilge Pump You never know when you might take on some unexpected water or capsize.  A simple easy no maintenance item to give you piece of mind out on the water.

Paddle leash Maybe a frog or bug jumps into your lap and you spaz out throwing you paddle into the water.  No one is judging, but a paddle leash makes your day a lot easier after that event. ;)
Hands free umbrella
Seat upgrade This is a the cheaper of the options and doesnt cover the back.  If you need a back pad buy 2.  The 2 would still be cheaper and more comfortable than most full solutions.


Console A great addition to any sit in kayak.  It has a cup holder and a dry box. This can fit on many different models.  Check the Q/A on the link for fittings or ask a question about your yak.
Paddle grips
Kayak trolley Work smarter not harder.


Marine Goop Great for modding.
Waterproof speaker
Pirate flag Always fly the black when on the water. Arrrrrggggg!

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If you have any questions feel free to head over to the Facebook page and ask under the link post.  :)

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