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Saturday, September 23, 2017

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Cosplay list

Are you playing PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds? Do you want to replicate some of the items that you can pick up in game?  I am trying to keep the prices reasonable for most of the items.  I want you to be able to actually buy these things and build a sweet loadout.  Make sure to share your loadouts on reddit!

Here is a comprehensive list of the items you just might recognize.  Some of the items even look cool for everyday use! Hope you find this list useful.

If you want to see something or think something should be added then leave a comment with an image on fb under the post so I can update.


Level 1

Level 2 (multi colors)

Level 3


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3



Helmet (4 sizes)

Military helmet (2 colors) can add helmet covers (4 colors)


Finger less gloves

Armor gloves (3 colors)

Spike forearm guards

Drop leg holster (5 colors)

Ghille Suit
gas mask
Duster Dusters are awesome! Leather ones are super expensive.  Here is a nice looking alternative.
Balaclava (multi colors/design)
Mask 1
Mask 2

If you have any questions feel free to head over to the Facebook page and ask under the link post.  :)

As always leave comment via G+ on the website or like the Facebook page and comment on the post with the site link in it.  What do YOU think?


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