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Monday, September 12, 2016

September 2016 Dictionary Update OED


Periodically, the Oxford English Dictionary(OED) adds new words most being slang that receive common usage. The period appears to be March, June, September and December or every three months. The English language is constantly growing, and with new technology new words are created frequently. Interestingly enough, so many new words are being created around technology that non-English languages are unable to keep up. One easy example is Iphone. The Iphone 7 was recently released and with it a new device called the air pod. I am sure it is only a matter of time before air pod is added to one of these quarterly lists. Often times when listening to foreigners talk about technology you will hear them say English words because there is no equivalent in their language.

As this language of ours grows, there is good and bad. The OED publishes its monthly updates and some of the entries are ridiculous to say the least. Some of the entries are unwise to say the least. Especially, when these words are associated with fads or trends from small often times internet based communities that are guaranteed to fade. Some of the words even have other perfectly viable names and are already outdated.


Army green
Daughterhead (I don't even want to know what that is...)

As you can see some of these words are interesting to say the least. Many of the words I was unable to even speculate as to their origin or meaning. And I enjoy trying to deconstruct words and determine their meaning based on my knowledge of etymology. Given that interest we are also rolling out a etymology series of videos soon. Be sure to subscribe to find out more and like the Facebook page for bonus words.


September is no different. The list also includes words that appear to be from obscure subcultures and outdated trends. September has a few interesting words.

Various derogatory forms of butt sex
And, of course, Yolo

With our ever expanding vocabulary it makes you wonder what the future holds. Many sci-fi writers include the concept of planetary languages with small regional dialects. Which language do you think will eventually take over the world? Could it be English the language of the internet? Could it be Joss Whedon's idea of Chinese? Let us know what you think.

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