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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Iphone 7: Disappointment strikes again

Iphone 7

Apple is back with the Iphone 7 a mere two years after the Iphone 6. Back in 2015 I wrote about them ditching the headphone jack.  I also rightly predicted here the following:

  1. While logical, Apple would most likely not be including wireless charging in the next iteration Iphone despite its presence in the Apple watch.  

  1. Wireless audio would be a huge thing for them as a result of one port whose primary use would be charging due to poor battery life.

  1. Poor battery life. Two extra hours...

  1. The Apple car would most likely be the next wireless charging device.

It is sickening to see outlets like CNET clamor over their wireless headphones that “automagically” connect when you place it near the phone. *Facepalm* Holy crap! The Iphone has NFC?!?  Didn't the 6 have that back in 2014? Didn't Gingerbread have that back in 2011? Oh, never mind Apple is STILL behind the innovation curve.

So what does the Iphone 7 have?

The Iphone 7 now comes with a tiny cord to plug into the recharge hole thingy so you can listen to music. Oh, and they unimaginably made bluetooth wireless version of their Beats headphones.  Could this be the reason why they haven't switched to high quality audio?  The Iphone with the latest being the 7 still doesn't have a lossless playback option. Apple still has ALAC and isn't using it in their flagship device, instead opting for their AAC format. I have two possibilities as to why and they are as follows:

  1. You won't notice the difference. Apple could think that you won't notice so they choose not to include it because of 2.

  1. Battery life. There it is again. This appear to be a reoccurring topic in their devices.

So what does higher quality audio have to do with battery life?

Everything. Audio files are compressed and transmitted then decompressed and heard, to put it as simply as possible.  Each compression and decompression cost battery life because the processor has to do work very quickly.  An even bigger battery hog is video and 3d processing. You notice this when your device gets warm while playing games and movies.  The bigger issue is the battery drain would not only exist on the phone, but also on the Air pods.

Not the car that runs on compressed air that will never come out, Silly, but those tiny wireless things that cost $160. Ya, the ones that Apple spent years developing a special bluetooth chip for to give you zero latency which isn't a huge issue for a decent bluetooth device. The case offers 24 hours of battery life while the Air pods offer 5 hours of battery life from each charge with 15 min giving you 3 hours of battery life from a "quick charge". But they can seamlessly switch between your Apple watch, Iphone, Mac and Ipad within that 5 hour period. Oh, ya and that is all that these Air pods can connect to. Like the sound and want to use it outside the Apple ecosystem? TOO BAD!

They are no Bragi Headphone with 6 hours of use and 250 hours of standby battery life, passive noise isolation, audio transparency(lets you hear the world around you), in ear controls and multiple ear fit sizes for $40 less than the Air pods.
Or the Bragi Dash with 4gb of storage and a 3 hour battery life, waterproof up to 1 meter, along with the above features for $300.

But don't think about that and just look on the bright side.  In 2 years Apple will graciously give you another two hours of battery life on the Iphone 8 ,and if you're lucky another feature on your phone. ;)

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