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Saturday, August 17, 2019

What were the views of the Dayton shooter?

The Dayton shooter shot 27 people(9 died) is less than 1 minute.  He had an illegally modified AR-15 with a legal 100 round drum magazine.  His gun was NOT full auto(you need an additional background check to obtain). It was semi auto just like most rifles AND handguns. 1 trigger pull equals 1 bullet fired.  The Dayton shooting over shadowed the controversial police involved shooting of Devon Bailey.

The main reason Betts did not kill more people was, because cops were making the rounds near closing times at the bar and intercepted him before he made it into the bar. Betts was chasing people into the bar as three cops shot him.  Betts had 52 bullet holes in him when he died.  It did not appear he saw the cops and was focused on the people fleeing into the bar while in pursuit.
Contrast the 30 seconds of shooting with the 6min of response time in the El Paso shooting timeline and you see how critical a quick response is.
An even more critical factor is to FIGHT BACK. Fight back against the shooters, and stop them. They are untrained amateurs who have done little if any objective research, and can be overtaken easily.  An attempted mosque shooting in Norway shortly after Dayton and El Paso was stopped by a 65 year old man. I have been preaching this since viewing the Autralia shooting video.  The Australia video should be an ad promoting concealed carry.  He was a complete amateur, but because everyone ran away, and no one challenged him; he killed over 40 people.  Tarrant dropped all of his mags in the mosque hallway, and had to return to pick up a magazine to reload each time.


Betts talked openly about killing other people.  Betts was accused of having a kill list in high school and a rape list. He liked to show mass shooting videos on first dates.  Even after this the girl has fond memories of him. She is admittedly mentally ill. Instead of distancing herself from him, she claims he was her boyfriend in and obvious attention whore move.  The girl in question was even helped him attempt to deliver a threatening letter to an ex-girlfriend. She claimed he was her boyfriend but,
"I knew then[after trying to deliver a threat to his ex] that I had to break things off with him, but I waited a few days to cool off. I wanted to wait until my fiance got back from a work trip".
Betts father was a shrink.  Betts was being treated for anxiety, and he may have had issues with being bipolar and OCD as well.


Betts was a Satanist. Betts was in a wired band and sang about weird things.  While his band mates knew the lyrics were just there to be artistically edgy, he took them to heart. He was a truly messed up individual.  He had many warning signs from threatening people is high school with his "kill list" to stalking his ex with another girl who claimed to be his girlfriend while she was engaged to another man.  Had his father recognized the signs he could have done something.  His father lets not forget was a shrink, and it was his professional job to recognize these symptoms.  How he can maintain a license after this seeing all his sons public outcries for attention, is baffling to me.
Betts was also a Antifa member.  This marks, at least, the second terrorist attack by Antifa members...besides all of the protest/counter protest mob assaults.  Betts was a Warren and Sanders supporter not unlike Hodgkinson(GOP baseball shooter). He was also a regular consumer of "Some More News".  SMN pushes the standard leftist antiTrump, "Nazi" and Abolish ICE narrative with a disheveled host that looks like Charlie from "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia".  Betts was also a self titled leftist but as mentioned above had a "rape list" while hating "racists", but randomly killed 9 people at a bar. These opposing views are yet another sign of his mental instability and how these fringe groups use the mentally unstable to carry out their goals.

If the above picture looks familiar then you recognize it from the Garlic Fest Shooter piece.  THe picture was retweeted by Betts.  The El Paso Walmart shooter, the Garlic Festival shooter and this Dayton shooter all had communist/ radical environmentalist views that echoed the Australian shooter and his manifesto.  Radical environmentalism is a HUGE threat.  Antifa has similar views that magnify these types of events. Their motto is something along the lines of "whatever means necessary".  Killing innocent humans is okay because the environment is being killed by humans.


Was it an "assault rifle"?  NO
The gun Betts used was NOT an "assault rifle". What? But i think it the words of the Rock, "It doesnt matter what you think it looks like!" If anything the weapon would be a carbine. Carbines existed back in the 1700's.  A carbine is essentially a rifle with a shorter barrel designed for shorter ranged engagements.

Was the gun bought legally?  NO
Authorities were quick to say the rifle was acquired legally, but someone is now facing up to 15 years for helping him buy it.  Anyone with basic AR knowledge looking at the gun can tell you that is not a normal AR. It has a short barrel(requires an additional background check) and for some reason a "shockwave blade" instead of an actual stock. With the modifications the gun would be registered as a rifle, but would be built as a AR pistol.  Do you think he subverted the law maliciously?  The gun was not acquired legally for three reasons.
1) The gun was illegally modified with a shorter barrel. Reports are out now that a friend who Betts frequently did drugs with bought the short barrel upper and body armor for Betts, but was unaware of his intentions to use them.  Modifying a rifle to have a shorter barrel than 16 inches is a federal crime. The gun used was an AR lower most likely registered as a rifle, but the upper was a short barrel upper designed for a SBR that requires a special tax stamp and a more in depth background check to get or an AR pistol.
2) Betts had his friend buy him the short barrel for his rifle allegedly to hide it from his parents.  Buying a gun for someone else is illegal.
3) Betts lied on the gun application.  If you could argue away the top two issues this one is irrefutable. Betts was involved with heavy drug use. Betts friend said they would do "hard drugs together. I thought acid was a hard drug.  Betts friend was a micro doser of mushrooms(just like most of silicon valley).  One of the questions(11e) on the background check to get a gun asks if you are "unlawful user of " pretty much any drug including weed. Betts would have checked yes on this even though he was doing "heavy drugs" with his friend and was on cocaine when he committed the crime.

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