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Saturday, August 17, 2019

What we know about Devon Bailey

Shortly before the Dayton mass shooting and the El Paso Walmart shooting, Devon "Spazz" Bailey was shot by police while fleeing. The police have released a very comprehensive set of videos and audio regarding the 911 call, radio traffic, stop and shooting. Bailey was no "great man" as his mother tries to portray him, but was the shooting a proper use of force or excessive?

Suspect: Devon Bailey(19) out on bond for sexual assault against a minor.
Shots fired: 9
Hits: 4
Shooters: 2 police

Bailey was a suspect in an alleged recently committed armed robbery where the victim identified the type of gun(Glock 23), the street names of both people involved and the age of Bailey.  The caller gave details on what was missing(wallet and identification contents).  One thing people are missing is that Bailey was only 19.  He was unable to posses a handgun legally. He also was unable to conceal a handgun(no license). Being on bond has other weapon related restrictions. The act of a crime allegedly being committed with a deadly weapon, and these other legal infractions makes him a dangerous suspect.


The shooting has sparked multiple protests where guns have been drawn by citizens. Below is a peaceful march promoting the slogan of #blacklivesmatter .

"I don't want to make this about 'Black Lives Matter' or anything, because all of our lives matter. I know everyone says my son was killed by a white cop and he's a black man in the community, and yes, those are facts. But that's not what this is about. This is about what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong, and what's wrong is my son was shot in the back by law enforcement,"
"De'Von was a great kid, great son, great man." (s)

Public's thoughts

The facts lead to a different story from what his dad and mom said.  Many people have a Hollywood understanding of how the world works. Many YouTube commentators parrot phrases like:  "tazed him", "shoot him in the leg", "let him run away", "you cant shoot a person in the back", ect.

Lets hit those first few.
"they could have tazed him"
 No cop is going to to pull a tazer against a gun. A tazer is less than lethal force. Police are to use "necessary force". Force is escalated by the suspect. If the suspect resists with non lethal weapons or open hand techniques then a tazer can be used. If the suspect has a gun and looks like he might be reaching for it then the suspect as escalated the use of force to deadly force, and the cop will rightfully use deadly force.  The gun was identified by a witness, and the red shirt in the body cam indicated that Bailey had the weapon.
"shoot him in the leg"
Shooting someone in the leg would be considered excessive force. If you can shoot someone purposely in a nonlethal manner then the imminent threat criteria is not met. Sometimes, shots incapacitate suspects, but that is not trained. Cops are trained to use lethal force to be LETHAL.
"Let him run away"
They could have let him run away, but that option was superseded by the threat of a gun he appeared to be trying to pull of of his pants that they were told he had.
Most of the people making these kinds of justifications had not seen the full video. They were going off the lead of how the MSM was reporting the issue which was dishonestly.

The simple fact of the matter is that he was a guy who made poor decisions.  He was only 19 and already looking at possibly becoming a sex offender.  He was walking around illegally possessing a handgun. He was found to have THC in his blood during the autopsy.
Authorities have not release the origins of the handgun.
Was the gun stolen?
Was it previously used in other crimes by him or anyone else?
For every odd justification for Bailey there were probably 4-5 people calling it a good shoot. He was a danger, and the cops had to protect themselves.  Most of them did not know the additional background information about Bailey, but it seems a few had seen the full video.


ABC's reporting:

Look at the statements made in the ABC video(top listed video in "Devon Bailey" search on YT).
"At one point, the video shows his hands in the air running away; he is then shot"
His hands were around his pants the entire time he was running. They were not even swinging in a natural running motion much less in the air.
"The officers later performing CPR on Bailey..."
No CPR was performed in the video. Basic gunshot triage kits were used because he was shot...with a gun.
"police say Bailey had a gun, and can see as they TRY and retrieve the OBJECT"
The police were told exactly what gun he had by the witness. He was told three times to put his hands up while running BEFORE being shot while digging for the weapon.
"Police continue to insist that Bailey had a gun"
The gun was in his pocket and was identified in the body cam video by police.
All of these statements are made to create doubt about the shooting. This is consistent with average MSM coverage of similar events. Instead of reporting facts and getting stuff correct in certain situations they try to shift perception to a controversial narrative that they want to promote.

Body cam package released by police(shows actual shooting)911 call, dispatch audio, 2 body cams:

Criminal History

Who was Bailey before this incident.  The family lawyer says Bailey had no prior convictions before this incident. There were, however, three charges found in county records. Two of the three charges were dropped in cases involving sexual assault of two different minors. Bailey plead "not guilty". (s)
Bailey at this point was 19 years old and illegally possessing and concealing a gun in a neighborhood near a school. He also was singled out as being a suspect in and armed robbery.
The third charge was part of an OPEN case against Bailey.  He was out on bond for that sexual assault case against a minor. (s)


Conspiracy theory by the lawyer of the Bailey family:
The person who called 911 and Bailey had a fist fight and the caller knew Bailey had a gun so he made a false statement to police about a robbery to get him in trouble. (s)

So in this case what is the official narrative? What would be considered a "conspiracy theory"?
Is what the lawyer said official or conspiracy?
Is what ABC released official or conspiracy?
Is what the police releases official or conspiracy?
If the MSM consistently lies and gets caught then why is a search for facts by citizens a bad thing?

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