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Friday, July 26, 2013

#backtofootball Panther party at Wofford College

The Panthers kicked off the 2013-2014 season training with the largest first day party ever. For the largest turnout there werent a whole lot of vendors.  There was no presence from the local Wofford ROTC and the few non-food tents seemed to be unprepared to be there.  The fans had a chance to write messages to the players in the form of graffiti which I am sure the players will never read.

There was a live band that no one will ever remember and it only real crowd reaction was watching kids cover their ears as they walked past. It was way to loud. There were random groups of old people and kids wearing matching t shirts standing in front of the stage facing the crowd, but I couldnt tell if they were security or part of the show. They werent doing anything besides standing there except for one Sir Purr used his head as a bongo.
Even the main stage was completely overshadowed when the Top Cats arrived showing their cleavage and Miss Black Upstate with her tiara and sash. It was a good thing they brought the hottest one, Hailey. Oddly enough, it was old women with creepy grins taking most of the pictures. That and the Panthers and Wofford photographers who kept jumping in front of everyone with their giant zoom lenses.  They could have caught the action from the roof!

The real action started on the field with warm-ups and practice from the players.  They stretched for almost an hour. They ended it with light jogging.

One thing I noticed was that the QB's didnt catch the footballs that were thrown to them.  QB's are allowed to catch a long snap but not a spiral.
 It makes sense, but it was kind of funny to watch and think about his job description. It was similar to a game with the crowd cheering a various points during catches. I wasnt sure what warranted a cheer because they were running at quarter speed, 10-15 yards and unguarded. Never the less, people were impressed.

They ran a lot of running plays which were hard to see from  my vantage point(the closest seat) and I cant imagine watching from crappy seats in an actual NFL stadium.  Why do people go to games as opposed to watching from home?
Full zoom on my 55mm lens

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