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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Absolute Da General - "Drug Dealer" review

Absolute Da General is at it again. Dropping another hard hitting mix-tape called Dirty South Wu-Tang(click the link to download).   "Drug Dealer" is the first music video from the project. The wisdom contained in this four minute video would cost you a few thousand dollars and about four years of your life at a college while seeking a business administration degree.
Not only can you learn but Absolute introduces the lovely Ashli.  Click on her name to check out more of her.

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The killer beat to 50k finally got some fitting lyrics. Listen and enjoy!

Keep an eye out for the #DNA group with Absolute Da General at the head. They are dropping music videos all summer.   More DNA:  Gunna Gramz - "Hunnits" and Gwala Red - "All I Ever Wanted"

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