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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fallout 4 saves Parisian lives

French GIGN during terror attacks 
The big story is over 120 dead across six, seemingly, coordinated ISIS attacks in a country that is pretty open to Islamic immigrants. Three days ago French officials did potentially offend the Iranian president. Could this be connected? Iran is alleged to have influence over ISIS. Regardless, France was devastated when Paris was attacked last night.  This is not even to mention the train derailment that happened shortly after the attacks.  France is no stranger to terror and is even praised for its high quality anti-terror unit called GIGN.  France has experienced the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the more recent train attack that was stopped by a few Americans. Maybe France needs more AmeriCAN(not to be confused with Obama's leftist view of America) in it.
Rainbow 6: Siege GIGN character  "Rook"

Gamers know Paris for its Paris Games Week and many development studios in and around the city.  Gamers are keenly aware that France is ripe for a terrorist attack.  Paris has been part of plot lines in Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.  Rainbow 6: Siege even has characters from their elite GIGN.  

Fallout 4 has broken records in game sales topping 12 million in just one day.  It quickly unseated Dota 2 as the most concurrent players in a game as soon as it was released having more than 600,000 players on at the same time.  Those numbers do not even account for the PS4 and X1 console titles.

It is a simple known fact.  Terror attacks be it foreign or domestic take place in large venues where the terrorist can affect the most casualties in a short time in order to avoid police.  Social media is on fire with people tweeting they were gaming and glad they didn't go out.  Many gamers are only realizing the attacks even took place.  It almost seems like the Fallout 4 idea of emerging from a bunker is synonymous with the feeling you get when you end a long gaming session.  While people have been calling this phenomenon negative things such as anti-social, I am sure those survivors close to the attack are glad they made that choice.  This is not the only impact of the game. There are even reports of porn traffic being altered by the release of the epic game.

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