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Saturday, September 1, 2012

It is always rewarding when you discover a really good band for the first time...

Otep, Butcher Babies, One Eyed Doll, Arcanium, Spine Extraction show at Ground Zero 

It was hot! It was an unusually hot day and a little piece of hell must have opened up to watch the show today.The show started kinda late because of the local bands arrived late, but so did I.  People came from all over GA, NC and the Upstate of SC. There was some kid with a teddy bear...Im not sure what that was all about. But I guess when you leave the show with a busted lip it is a good night!
I live tweeted (or is it twat?)the show as much as possible. Follow @xcerptshow for more live tweet reporting at all of our events.

Spinal Extrcation:
The first band Spinal Extraction only got to play a couple of songs, but they were really good.  They have a solid sign.  The singer has crazy range. The band plays exceptionally well. They will be playing the Tremont Music Hall Sep 1st(today).  We got a partial interview from them before they had to leave. The video will be up sometime soon.

They really like fivefingers shoes, and they would love to be sponsored. I got video to prove it...coming soon. For now check out this music video...

Find out more at

Life Curse:

For more info check out

Arcanium took the stage, and they set the tone that was unmatched.  They pumped the crowd up and melted their faces off!  They had people on their feet and jumping up in the air.  The vibe they created was electrifying.  The level of energy that they brought to the show was immense.  They have a sound that is very well balanced and polished. I could see them blowing up easily. They are one of those bands that sounds wicked in the studio and makes you want to go see them live.  You just have to see them.
Like their page!
I really hope a major label picks them up.  Dont settle for a small label!
They also won the XcerptShow's "Best Band T-shirt" "Best Stage Presence"  and "Coolest Band Logo" of the show awards.

Check out their latest official video below::
(It is at 2300 views come: on XS viewers lets send it to +3000!)

For more info on Arcanium go to  Email us if you would like their pager number. 

One Eyed Doll:
I dont even know what was going on with this group.  It was like a scene out of Little Big Planet and A Nightmare Before Christmas if you are into that kind of thing you would like this band.  She talked all sweet and would then let out this scream from that inner demon possessing her that would make your butt hole pucker.  She wore a wedding veil, pope hat, viking hat and cop hat at various times during the show.  She got the crowd to sing along and chant, "Hail Satan" at one point.  Check the tweets...

For their music check out 

Butcher Babies:
They call their genre Slut Metal.  I call it two smoking hotties(CARLA HARVEY and HEIDI SHEPHERD) jumping around the stage screaming and head banging their brains out! It was pretty intense.  The, what appears to be, signature X's taped over there nipples was present and added an elegant touch.  I think they should take that further and use some zebra or other print tape to spice things up a bit.  They were talking with fans and the occasional creeper after the show.  They were very accommodating and gracious to the fans.  We even witnessed them signing an actual ax.  How many band members, much less super hotties, do you know will walk out to some guys car to sign and ax?
Guy: "Will you come out to my car and sign something for me?"
*opens trunk and pulls out an AX!*
Guy: "Who's first?"
That was pretty METAL of them.  \m/  
The drummer did ask if he could smash the guys windshield with it. No lie!



Otep was the headliner.  But I was kind of disappointed by the sound.  When she started off, with TRIC I believe. I couldnt really hear her except for when she screamed.  The major part of her music is how fast she can spit those lyrics and hit you with that scream. The band was killing it. That doesnt take away from Oteps recorded music. Just for some reason you couldnt really hear her.  Disappointed I snapped a few shots, linked up with Jake and went to interview Arcanium. You can see the big guy rocking the Bane mask in the pix below. What were your thoughts?

Watch Otep punch my camera...twice.


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