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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictureman and Mr 2500 Present: Future at Club Maze with DJ EMoney

Pictureman and Mr 2500 Present: Future at Club Maze with DJ EMoney

"Same Damn Time" by Future(Diddy, Ludacris)

Club Maze put on another aMAZEing show tonight. It was a cool night outside, but it heated up real quick with all the hot Hip Hop talent that was packed on to the stage at Club Maze.  Spartanburg turned up and Club Maze Pictureman and Mr 2500 were sure to bring the noise.  Tmelle, Misha Milan, Pharoah, Nephew and Scrip Brown all made appearances on stage.  It was an action packed night! 

Local set Scrip Brown and Nephew did a couple songs to warm up the crowd.  They were Flexin, Flexin, Flexin. 

Misha Milan took the stage with Pharoah, and they had a great performance.  Misha has a style similar to Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj.  They had great chemistry on stage.  Misha was gracious enough to Intro the XcerptShow before the performance. That video will be in the next post. 

 Future tore up the club with hits like "Magic" "Tony Montana" and "Same Damn Time"  Freebandz restricted stage access so some camera angles were poor and littered with cellphones attempting to snap a quick pic of the one who is on Pluto and Mars at the same D time. 

He apparently has Moby as a photographer

After the show DJ Emoney kept people dancing, and that is when the party really got started.  The ladies were going crazy shaking their booties like there was no tomorrow. There will be plenty of booty shaking in the video.  He was playing old school hits that had the crowd cheering.  Mr 2500 kept them hyped up and dancing! 

Video will be up soon.  Checkout like the page(to receive updates) and tag yourself.  

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