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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greenville Zoo Giraffe birth

    I was live streaming the birth and taking screen captures as I went.  I was also live tweeting.  You can scroll through that on Twitter if you like.  It was an interesting site to see the baby giraffe gush out of the mother.  I am surprised it didn't drown.  I didn't think it was alive for quite sometime as the baby giraffe was not moving.  Eventually, it started twitching and finally got its head up.  Once it started walking, it was fascinating to watch the mother giraffe lead the baby and it appeared to be trying to get the baby's head up as it walked.  Almost as if it was training it to walk with its head up.  Watch this video and enjoy. Remember, its your world in XS.

Search Twitter  #greenvillegiraffe for funny comments all in one place. Here are a few though.
From Twiter:
Its just standing there like nothing is hanging out of its vag...and now it takes a dump...yuck 

it just dropped a sac of fluid that exploded on the ground! i bet that place smells rancid!! 

Gross the baby just dropped and the mom ran away!! lol

baby looks like a drunk waing up in its own vomit! 

baby giraffe hasnt moved much, it probably feels like that guy that skydived from space minus the parachute. 

baby is flapping it ears like its a pilot doing pre-flight checks. lol

Mom giraffe is keeping an eye out for sandusky...the stall could be confused for a locker room.  Too soon?

neck is up and wobbling like girls to a VIC song 

Baby giraffe does a faceplant... Gravity - 1 Giraffe - 0 Welcome to the world! 

Those flashes arent going to help its equilibrium.... 

 Get that giraffe some of lance Armstrongs steroids!

This baby giraffe is more unstable than recent mortgage practices!

 Giraffe - 3 Gravity - 7 making a comeback

Now its getting lame its just stumbling around like Lindsay Lohan on her way to her car after the bar 

Pictures I captured from their webcam.

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