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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DMX Birthday Bash @ Club VI in Spartanburg

December 22, 2012  DMX Birthday Bash

DMX took over Club VI in Spartanburg.  These are just some of the pictures.  Go over to the XcerptShow Facebook page to see them all!

The Ruff Ryders turned up.  They had a prospect do the "stanky leg" on stage.

DJ Cris Coke had the dance floor jumping. It got turnt up when DMX showed up.
 Arts Eats Bakery in Greenville made the cake(above). DMX took some pictures with it.  And it was placed in his VIP section.

 All sorts of people turned up. I saw T-Rock and Head from Grind4Life(below).

DJ Pacman from Most Wanted(below).

I had a good time taking pictures and video of the event.  I got to meet Dennis(above) from He even caught me working hard(below)! Be sure to follow the link and check out the rest of his pictures.

People crowded at the back entrance that he came in.  He must have taken about 20 pictures with each step.

He was very accommodating to fans. He got a nice pair of custom Timberlands. I didnt catch where he got them from.  I will try to find out and update.

He partied a little and then got on stage.

It wasnt a performance as you would think. It was mostly reciting of poetry or "freestyling" mixed with some of his music.  When DJ Cris Coke mixed in those awesome beats from his song, the crowd went crazy.

The party didnt end very well. Some of the Club VI staffs ego's were too large, and they began having the cops take people out.  The problem was the people were drunk. It got escalated beyond where it needed to be and the police were not helping the situation.  They wouldnt let DMX drive his car home because his blood alcohol level was too high, which is entirely understandable.  DMX handled himself very well for being legally drunk. lol  He was trying to mediate with the police and maintained a surprisingly calm composure in the midst of all the pressure and stress from the event.
In the end I believe two were hand cuffed and one person was maced(for no reason in my opinion).
Video coming soon.

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