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Monday, December 17, 2012

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XcerptShow Xtra DEC. 10-17

US News
You probably dont remember, but the AP reported that a man went on a shooting spree of his own family in CA. He was into drugs and was at odds with his ex wife over custody of the children.   Thankfully in the end he shot himself.

The AP reports that Storage Wars the crappy AE show about storage containers is rigged.  Not with booby traps, but with items and claims that the show even paid for one of the bidders breast implants to add sex appeal.  I submit to you that if you thought reality tv was real then you are retarded...

The AP reports that the NTSB wants all first time DUI offenders to have to use breathalyzers.  How about you take away their alcohol and driving privileges? Since when did alcohol become a right? Alcohol is a direct result of most fatal DUIs.  People that do drugs and drive are not as impaired as people that drink and drive.  

This story opens up a whole can of worms.  It seems the administration will sidestep laws depending on your political affiliation and who you know.  We reported last week about Obamas uncle who is somehow still in the states the Obama extended family has a history of avoiding deportation..  Now this Democrats aid has his arrest postponed. Corruption from a chicago based candidate? Who woulda thunk?

A cross-dressing basketball player will be the first to play college basketball as a man and a woman...or pretend to be a woman.  This is retarded and we should abolish male and female sports and just have sports. No female quotas.  If you want equality then you cant have your own division and call that equal. The stupidity surrounding this whole concept is pitiful.  Last week the US military opened up combat arms branches to females in a pilot program.  The end result was they all dropped out, along with some males.  Later 2 females brought up a suit that said they werent allowed to join combat arms branches.  If you know anything about the military you will know that they already put the training wheels on for women when they do the PT test.  So this nonsense is ridiculous.  I say we abolish the female standard and see how many women make it into the military then.  Then maybe these whining cunts will STFU about equality.  It isnt equal now in YOUR favor. You make the same as a male and have to do LESS. Stop whining and make me a sandwich.  

More gov regulation in media.  This has nothing to do with the recent shootings.  This is from the CALM act.  Endgadget reports that commercials have to be about the same loudness as regular programming.  This shouldnt be a LAW. It should be common sense and mandated by broadcasting companies, but those morons enjoy pissing consumers off.  The whole argument isnt really relevant because most people 1. skip with a DVR or 2. Watch shows on the internet.  70 years later after Bulova makes the first ad for tv in 1941 the fed decides to take action as millions use the internet...


Reuters reports that the US will be giving Lebanon 6 Huey helicopters.  At first I was thinking man, why are we giving them the goods, but then I read they were Hueys and I was like ahhh.  Hueys were the helicopters used in Vietnam.  I know some National Guard  used to use them, but they havent been produced since 1986.  I did a bit more research and I found out that Lebanon has used Hueys quite extensively.  They even use them as bombers!
Helo-bomber Link

The locals of hemland province say they want back the taliban because in the good ole days they wouldnt get robbed.  They just know that Nato is pulling out and they dont want any hard feelings when from the Taliban.  
Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the UN says Afghan needs to protect women better by enforcing "Elimination of Violence Against Women" or "wave" backwards.
Hemland Link

In a related story, Reuters reports that a female  Afghan official has been shot. Women politicians are worried that the rise in violence against women will only worsen if the Taliban gets back in power.  That will never happen…Unless you read the story above about how people supposedly want the Taliban back and that the Afghan government has been undergoing truce talks with the Taliban. 

Sudan Africa 10 die one day 11 die another the UN says this is wrong and holds meetings to regulate the internet, and they want the US to sign a treaty for disabled people.

What else is the UN up to? The UN reinforces how corrupt it is by giving positions in a rights group to counties that can kill you if you arent of a certain religion. Which incredibly hypocritical seeing how they condemn attacks in other countries.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, Reuters reports "We recovered over 40 bows and arrows, over 10 machetes, several gallons full of petrol we believe was to be used to make improvised explosives, and witchcraft paraphernalia which the suspects told us were used for oathing rituals," Wanjohi said.  In Africa AK’s are everywhere and they are worried about bows, machetes and gas?

Elsewhere in Africa, Congo War? You bet ya! I dont understand how humans exist on that continent...

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