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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cartersville Shriner Classic Car Show

I had the opportunity stop by the Cartersville Shriner Classic Car Cruise while I was on a shoot in GA. It was a much larger car show than the local Beacon Car shows that happen near my house. The location was the best because there were very interesting buildings in this small town. I thought I was in a state capital. Unfortunately, I dont have any pictures of them because they were very close together and I was more focused on the cars.

One thing I dont like at a car show is stock cars. There were quite a few brand new Mustangs and Camaros with absolutely no modding aside from the Shelby or SS upgrades from the factory. Dont get me wrong. I think the newer Camaro design is awesome. It just has nothing that sets it apart from all the other ones from the factory.

Regardless, at every car show you get to see a lot of familiar cars and then you get to see some very unique features on vehicles, and the uniqueness is why people go. It could involve styling, engine mods or some other minor detail or overall scheme.

I thought this emblem was awesome.
See the rest of the pictures here. It was a pretty good day and I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was overcast which helps soften the direct sunlight. I was able to use a variety of lenses. Be sure to subscribe on Currents, and Youtube and like the Facebook pages.

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