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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Man Meals: Steak (the easiest way)

On Man Meals we learned the quickest and easiest way to cook steak perfect everytime. You can watch the video for a step by step that takes under 2min. So give it a watch. Here are the details of the video. 

Toaster Oven settings:

-Convection setting

-400 degrees

-20 min *timing varies on steak thickness, start with 20min and if you need more time add 10-15 but lower the temp to 350 or 300. Make a few cuts to break up the center.

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That is it. Make sure you elevate the steak off of the pan to prevent burning and allow drainage. during that 20min you can watch sports or play video games.

The beauty of using a toaster oven over a regular oven is it:

-Uses less power which saves you money

-It is perfect for 1-2 serving meals(great for bachelors)

-The timer controls the power thus at 20min the heating elements shut off(no more burning!) and you dont have to rush to get it out. In fact, I take into account that I intend to leave it in there for 10-15 min to continue cooking as the oven cools off.

Save tons of time by not having to wait for an hour just for a seat at the steakhouse and save tons of cash! You can have steak more often and at whatever time you want!

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