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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lifestyle: 5 reasons you should be taking a multivitamin


Multivitamins are an easy way to make up for missing nutrients in the not so healthy food we eat. Think of it as bringing your body flowers. The more often you do it the better off you are. This article will discuss just a few of the many reasons to take multi's, but also think about "stacks". "Stacks' are combination of supplements that help you fulfill your goals whether it is tearing it up at the gym or just trying to get up. Supplements help you get functioning on the level you should be by overcoming the deficiencies in the food you eat. You would not run regular unleaded gas in a performance motor vehicle would you? 

        1. You have nothing to lose! Your body is an amazing organism regardless of the garbage you put into it, it still functions. And at the rate some of you go that is no small feat. You know the types of artificial foods you eat and most of the nutrients on the label are not in the proper form for your body to absorb them properly. Taking a multi can fill those gaps and what your body does not uses is flushed from your system. 

       2. Heart health for all ages Most people do not think of heart health when it comes to multi's. According the the CDC 25% of all deaths are related to heart disease. Every year over 700k people have heart attacks. Most people also are not aware of the importance of minerals like magnesium and potassium and that their effects can be just as effective as statin drugs(lipitor and others), but they are natures way. Doctors do not tell you much about this because they are "motivated" to get you on insurance covered medication. This is not the main focus of multi's it is just an auxiliary benefit, but a pretty significant one. 

       3. Energy Most good multi's have an abundance of vitamin D which has been found to aid in a multitude of functions from muscle growth to ENERGY. Typically, your body produces this while you are out in the sun, and you might be saying, "During the summer I am always out in the sun." But how much are you really out there when it is blazing hot, and the AC inside feels great. What about the other three seasons? Two of those your entire body is probably covered. If you work at night you almost never see the sun. These are precisely the reason people take multi's to satisfy a deficiency. A multi isnt a caffeine jolt. It is natural energy from a balanced body. Other vitamins can be stacked with a multi to provide an additional kick.  

       4. Something is missing You just know when you eat some food that it is doing absolutely nothing for you and that your body is wondering what you are ingesting. What does your body do to that food? It turns most of it into fat and excretes what it cannot use. Multi's bridge the nutrient gap and help feel better.

      5. Workouts Anyone who works out should be on a multi. Everyone knows to supplement protein with their workout, but most people are not aware of how important vitamins and especially minerals are in helping you develop strong muscles. This isnt exclusive to heavy lifting either. Endurance and strength training can be vastly improved with multis.  Whether you want bulk up or just keep up, you can develop your own plan and take charge of your life.

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