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Friday, August 16, 2013

Man Meals: Meatloaf


On Man Meals we are going to show you the easiest way to cook meatloaf and the best base recipe to use. It is a base recipe because you can start with this and add to it as needed. You can watch along on the video.

Toaster Oven Settings:
-Convection Setting
-350 degrees
-45-60 min *as always start with the lower setting and adjust. It will also depend on the thickness of your loaf.

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That is it. The more lean the meat you buy the less grease you will have. The more lean it is will also make it shrink less. Meatloaf does take about an hour which gives you plenty of time to watch more XcerptShow videos and make some comments.

The beauty of using a toaster oven over a regular oven is it:
-Uses less power which saves you money
-It is perfect for 1-2 serving meals(great for bachelors)
-The timer controls the power thus the heating elements shut off(no more burning!) and you dont have to rush to get it out. In fact, I take into account that I intend to leave it in there for 10-15 min to continue cooking as the oven cools off.

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