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Monday, September 9, 2013

LifeStyle: 5 essentials for any move

            Do you have a move coming up? If you have moved a few times you know there are a few key things you need. If you have not then you probably will just grab some boxes and hope for the best. Bookmark this page or favorite this article because we are about to reveal to you the most crucial things you will need for any type of move.

5) Tape: Tape may seem obvious but having enough can oftentimes be a huge timesaver.  Tape comes in many forms, but make sure you get the clear packing tape. Never use duct tape.
Pro tip - Getting a tape gun can make your work much easier if you have a lot of taping to do. -The quality of packing tape is rarely a hindrance.
- Be sure to fold the end of the tape over after each use. It will save you time searching for it later and help to prevent a partial pull

4) Boxes: Not only having boxes is essential, but also having the right types of boxes can be a huge time save and help save your stuff.  Consider where you are moving to. If you are moving items into a storage unit or some other sort of long term storage, then sorting these items and placing them into durable plastic containers can save the contents from moisture and bugs.
Pro tip
- If buying those Rubbermaid or Sterilite containers gets too expensive consider looking on
Craigslist in the farm section or searching "drum" for 55 gallon drums farmers get that contained feed.  You can usually grab those for about $5 a piece.

3) Rope: Rope can be used to secure items along the wall of a moving truck and/ or supporting walls at intervals within a truck. (If you want an article describing loading strategies then comment on the XcerptShow Facebook page).  
Pro tip- Twine is cheap and considering you will be cutting it to size and cutting out your tie downs, it is probably your most economical option.
- A sturdy rope can also be used to make a noose if moving becomes too difficult.

2) Tools: This is not referring to someone who is incompetent and completely worthless to have around. I was just going to say a knife, but having a knife and a few different sized screwdrivers a drill with heads to take apart furniture, remove window covering hardware and to tackle any other problems that may arise.
Pro tip- Keep this in the cab of the moving truck or main moving vehicle

1) Pizza: The most important thing to have is pizza. Pizza not only has plenty of carbs to keep you energized, but it also can be eaten by hand and is cheap.  Because if you were smart you recruited some companions to help you move and if they get hungry they are not going to stick around.  
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