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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who is BBTV_AETN ?

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos being blocked in the US by an entity that is hard to track down with a simple Google search. The videos I have noticed are obviously copyrighted and have mainly been from the History Channel.

Simply typing the phrase gets you a completely false Yahoo Answers explanation that is kind of funny.  The Yahoo Answer said it was Arkansas Education Television Network and "They produce many shows and some are on the discovery channel or national geographic." This is not true.

The TRUE answer has two parts:
BBTV  is basically a watchdog that looks for copyrighted content and claims it for groups that hire them.  They are obviously not THAT good at their job.  For every blocked video you can find many more that are unblocked.

*AETN  is A&E Television Network.  So why is A&E worried about a History Channel video on YouTube?  A&E is a network of many channels one of which is the History Channel.

Most channels on cable fall under only a handful of networks or broadcasting companies. This is noticeable when cable or satellite providers have blackouts due to negotiations.  Back in August Time Warner dumped CBS, but it was not just the normal CBS channel.  CBS owns Showtime and a few other channels as well.  DirectTV had a similar dispute with Viacom, and AMC was dumped by Dish briefly.

A few of the major ones are:
*Viacom has BET, MTV and Comedy Central to name a few.
*FOX has its easily identified sports channels, SPEED and a few others.
*Turner has CNN, TBS, TNT and TruTV with many more.
and a few others(CBS, Discovery, etc...)

You will see that a majority of similar content is grouped under specific networks:
*Viacom = music
*Fox = sports
*Turner = "scripted reality"<--this just blows my mind...
and so on.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions be sure to leave it below. Be sure to check out the XcerptShow YouTube Channel and subscribe for original content that will never be "blocked in your country".  Look at other interesting articles on the site.  

Check out this random XS video.

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