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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chromecast Offer $40 Credit...but not really

Scanning through my play Google NewsStand feed I came across a story about buying a Chromecast for $30 and getting a total of $40 in Google Play credit.  I had been wanting to get one for one of my bedroom TV's so I figured this would be a perfect time.  Many other sites also listed the unbelievable deal.
You can see these and many more by googling "chromecast $40 offer" or clicking this link.

I looked at both offers and the information appeared to be true.
From BB website

BestBuy has you add an additional item to your cart in order to get the credit making it appear to be a BestBuy offer.
BB Cart 

Google even mentions retailers having exclusive offers which further adds to the confusion.

Google support page. Notice the smaller print at the bottom
The official word from Google Support is there is only 1 credit and if you purchase at BestBuy then they send it to you.  If you buy anywhere else you get it through Google as retarded as that sounds.

So far Kotaku is the only one to offer an innocuous update saying some people cant get the 2nd credit.

But no one has taken down the articles or struck through and corrected the misinformation.

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