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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to easily protect your identity and stop junk mail in minutes for free!

Identity fraud is a big problem in the digital age.  The information ultra-connected age makes getting personal data extremely easy.  Here are a few steps to help protect some of that information. In only a few minutes you could stop a large portion of your junk mail and protect your identity from being stolen. It is a horrible feeling having your identity stolen.

Cell phone shared data:
Verizon has a pretty simple way to stop the sharing of your cellphone meta data with third parties. Also remember, the Verizon Smart Rewards program is a "carrot" to get you to agree to have your data shared.

Phone meta data is organized under CPNI(Customer Proprietary Network Information).  What that means is any and all data that Verizon can glean from your network usage(physical location, calls made, sites visited, level of usage, apps used, ect.) It sells to its partners in the form of business marketing reports so that in turn those companies can send ads to your phone to get you to buy things you may or may not be interested in.  So essentially, your phone plan is ad supported.  Typically, ad supported means free or a drastically reduced price.  I dont know anyone who would say that Verizons prices are reduced.  In the more recent years with the rise of smartphones, privacy has been a concern of consumers given the personal information a smartphone has access to.  So along comes Verizon Smart Rewards to entice you to give up your data.  

PreQualified(aka unsolicited junk mail at your house) offers from companies that deal with credit(most subscription services) for 5 years:  
1-888-567-8688 Call this number and follow the steps.

Junk Mail: Find the phone number for the specific business and request that they take your name and address of their mailing list.  They will then have to stop sending you unsolicited mail and

Another way to see how readily available your info is to check  If your info is available online here are a few more ways you can restrict some of the information that is passed around. By doing a quick Google search of your name you will most likely see whitepages come up.

Whitepages mobile app. This site restricts information collection from various apps on your smartphone.

Remove whitepages info. This gives you a step-by-step process on how to limit visible information on the internet that can be found just by searching your name.

Browser info collection.  This site checks to see if your browser is collecting information on you.

Online advertising collection. This site limits how ad agencies can find your information. A quick and easy way to stop hundreds of agencies from collecting your information.

Online behavior ads. This site limits how ad agencies can find your information. A quick and easy way to stop hundreds of agencies from collecting your information.

Ever wonder how to stop receiving those ValPak mailers?

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