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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How using Bing can make you money!

It is Free Money February!

Bing has an interesting way to attract searchers.  It is called Bing Rewards. Bing Rewards allow users to create an account and do 30 searches a day for 15 points.  About 525 points equals $5.  But you can earn quickly by doing your daily searches.  Bing also allows you special offers: Trivia Tuesday, double points weekends, 10 points for mobile searches and discounts once you hit Gold status(which isn't hard to do).

I have been doing it for a while and the 30 searches takes under 5 min a day and I cash my points(475 Bing points with the Gold discount) in for 500 SwagBucks which givers you more bang for the buck($5 can be as low as 450 points).   Learn more about SwagBucks here.

This along with Google Opinions, SwagBucks and Mpoints allow you to make money(well over $30 per month) online at home to buy games, apps, music, or whatever else you can get with the gift cards.

Pro Tip:
#1 I use the image search and just click the links instead of typing out searches.  It seems to be the quickest way to get your 30 searches.  Side-note: Be reminded this is the internet and the suggestions can take you to some dark places quickly.  There are parental controls if you want to maintain your innocence. 

#2 Make sure you use a full name. When creating your account or using your existing Hotmail or Live email account.  At one time, I had three accounts running from old emails. Two of the accounts were removed from Bing Rewards right before I was going to cash out because I didnt have two actual names in the name fields.

Use This Link to sign up and see how quickly you can make Silver status.  Leave a comment once you make Silver!

As always leave comment via G+ on the website or like the Facebook page and comment on the post with the site link in it.  What do YOU think?


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