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Monday, April 25, 2016

Home Free Season 2 Behind the Scenes Exclusive Update 2

Our On Location series brings you another XS exclusive.  The hit FOX TV Show Home Free (click the link to see FOX's teaser for season 2) had its first season and used a major plot twist to give eight families houses.  Fox has already announced that they will be bringing back Mike Holmes from the first season, and they have added Tim Tebow as well. Everyone is questioning how they will find people, who don't know what is going on, to participate.  The second season airs June 16th on FOX mark your calendars!

Not a whole lot of progress at this point.  Just more site preparation.  Our On Location reporter has seen vans moving people in and out of the compound. The compound is located in Dallas, Georgia.  Dallas is a city located northwest of Atlanta and west of Marietta. It is an interesting location.  FOX has been shooting a lot of movies and TV shows in Georgia.  Movies and shows ranging from The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games have all been shot in Georgia. You can even visit the sites they used. Quite a few studios have been shooting in Georgia.  

There does appear to be a second site of houses and foundations.  It looks like some campers have been moved in for some long nights and early mornings. The site isn't near any motels.

Keep it tuned in here for video.  Next update will have video of the site and should be some major progress.  House framing happens pretty quick.  So we should see walls and maybe a roof or two! Be sure to like the Facebook page to get exclusive updates!

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