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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Home Free Season 2 Behind the Scenes Exclusive Update 1

Our On Location series brings you another XS exclusive.  The hit FOX TV Show Home Free (click the link to see FOX's teaser for season 2) had its first season and used a major plot twist to give eight families houses.  Fox has already announced that they will be bringing back Mike Holmes from the first season, and they have added Tim Tebow as well. Everyone is questioning how they will find people, who don't know what is going on, to participate.  The second season airs June 16th on FOX mark your calendars!

This one shows the neat entry gate they built out of shipping containers. Pretty cool!

We have exclusive behind the scenes media to show you that there appears to be more than eight houses! We have found at least one build site with 10 houses! Be sure to like the Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel(Yes, we are working on video) for weekly updates and a rare behind the scenes look as the site progresses.

The photo above shows 10 house foundations. I bet these houses will spring up quick!

These photographs show the support side of the site. Lots of tents, vehicles, shipping containers and security. Don't forget to like the Facebook page to stay up to date!

The big questions are what is going to be the major twist?
If you have any ideas or questions leave a comment on the Facebook page.

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