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Friday, July 5, 2019

What gear do the American Pickers use?

Do you enjoy watching the History Channel hit show "American Pickers"? The tv show that radio host and six time New York Times best selling author Mark Levin cant stop talking about. Have you ever wanted to rummage around old barns and storage sheds across America like Mike and Frank? You know, the guys from Antique Archaeology. Most of the time the guys are in poorly lit areas and they pull out their trusty flashlight. Have you ever wondered which flashlight that is? 
As recently as Season 20 Episode 11 "Space Invaders Smackdown" that faithful flashlight is the Fenix UC35. The version they use is linked, but the makers have released a newer V2 version.

The Fenix UC35 is an amazingly compact led light worth the price. It was orginally built for law enforcement use. I used it for a few years in the law enforcement field. It is capable in the normal use and the tactical use. You can buy rifle attachments to attach to your gun and make it even more versatile. You can find reviews on YouTube praising it and of course see Mike using it on the show. With variable brightness and a simple rechargeable battery. It even has a strobe mode for self defense.
If you do get the Fenix UC35 make sure you get the kydex holster as well. The holster makes storing and deploying it quickly a breeze.  

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