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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Spartanburg, SC Election Coverage

I had the opportunity to interview people after they voted in the Spartanburg area.  The Romney supporters voted for him because of the economy and the Obama supporters voted for him on social issues.  This trend follows party lines.  Although, from the people I talked to I dont think many of them knew about the alternatives.

Did you know there were five people running(not write-in's) for the presidency? The other three knew they wouldnt win, but they had some interesting platforms.  There was even a debate between the Libertarian and Green party candidates that most people didnt see and were not aware of.  Ironically, the debate was recorded by a Russian internet group.
I also realize that in this video I failed to address the obvious jokes that presented themselves because I was focused on camera work.  People routinely mentioned "polls" and I never once stopped them and asked if they liked working with poles. I also failed to ask them what their qualifications for doing pole work involved.   How much they like working with poles.  And a myriad of other questions.
I have taken the challenge to make a comeback with the Twilight movie release on 16Nov.
Although, I do have a somewhat serious piece coming out this week called District 34. It will cover some of the controversy over the petition candidates and give a glimpse into a local grassroots campaign.  Keep an eye out for that.

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