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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ferguson's Election Party 9Nov

I went to Ferguson's for the first time at the request of JJSolomon.  Mr Paparazzi was in the house taking photos.  It was packed! If you dont know about Ferguson's let me give you the quick rundown.
It has:
-Two floors
-Two bars
-DJ booth
-A smoking deck(You cant smoke inside bars in Spartanburg any more.)
-Pool tables
-A nice variety of food ALL NIGHT
-Beautiful women

The bar looks small from the outside, but it has two floors of fun! Around 0100 it was so packed moving was impossible.  People were doing group dances, break dancing, and just all around having fun. JJ Solomon is a great DJ.  He plays songs that make people want to dance.  He played a wide variety of music that even the people who were "too cool to dance" and holding up the walls couldnt help but bob their head to.  Some people were having too much fun. LOL!  In all it was a safe, fun smoke-free environment.

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