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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paula Deen live in Greenville, SC Extra butter edition!


I went to Greenville to catch some footage of Paula Deen. She was there talking on a stage about RANDOM stuff for about 30 minutes. She then pretended to leave. I would have left, but I caught wind of a converstation of someone talking to a news photographer that she would do a photoshoot so I stayed to see. Thank goodness she did the fake leave because that cleared out a lot of the crazy. There were people there who couldnt even stand, had oxygen tanks, missing chromosomes and just about anything else you could imagine out there waiting for this lady. They were screaming for her and crowding her. I felt sorry for her security. I could tell he just wanted to punch a bunch of these ladys and get her in the van. It was great!.

Here are some of the news outlets with links: I will update as they release video.

WYFF Channel 4 Pictures (Compare to mine!)

WSPA Channel 7 Video

Greenville News Online  Pictures  
Photographer had total access and these are the shots she posts.  I was following her around to blend in. LOL 

Fox Carolina(Greenville) Pictures (Compare to mine!)
Back story: This aired BEFORE the appearance, and has relevance to what happened. Video Cody Alcorn showed up at the event and got pictures which I got a few.

107.3 Jamz Pictures (Pay close attention to first picture!)

XcerptShow Pictures  

Here are a few pictures. Head to to see more!

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