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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tech Time: 5 Reasons why gamers need a tablet

Technology is ever changing. Recognizing those changes can be difficult. Tablets are constantly finding new ways to maintain their relevance. Here are a few reasons you gamers might want to get a tablet, or maybe dust off the one you have laying around.

Guides -  I am sure we have all been stuck in a game somewhere and been unable figure out how to advance.  You could run to your desktop, pull up a guide or grab the laptop, find a place to plug it up near the TV (We all know those batteries on most laptops are almost worthless after six months), OR just reach over, grab your tablet and pull up a text or video walkthrough.  I did the latter many times while playing Skyrim.
Stats - Sites like Battlefield’s Battlelog give you the ability to track progress and view data  in immense detail while you play.  Battlefield has its Battlelog site and Call of Duty has a similar setup.  This is primarily the extent of current tablet integration.
Mobile Gaming - A tablet can be used to make documents, spreadsheets, scan documents and many other things.  Aside from that tedious stuff you also have access to millions of mobile gaming options.  Between tablets and phones it is becoming more and more difficult for dedicated gaming handhelds to remain relevant.  You can read more about that in the 2DS article. Or, take it from the Atari founder who said Nintendo, the dedicated handheld leader, was facing a  path to irrelevance. Who knows though, he also thinks motion sickness is a large hurdle for virtual reality style gaming.
Price - Google has been subsidizing amazing tablets in its Nexus brand.  You can get a “Ipad killer” Nexus 10 or “Ipad Mini killer” Nexus 7 for a fraction (ALMOST HALF) of the price of their Apple counterparts.  With the Nexus brand you do not have to worry about getting the up-to-date models.  Nexus only has the 7 inch (Nexus 7) and the 10 inch (Nexus 10), and they are constantly updated if you buy from Google.

Smartglass - Console gaming is now attempting to incorporate them into what seems to be a desirable fashion. Consoles are having tablets play certain roles in games and perform menu tasks.  As the technology develops, I am sure tablets will get more and more integration into the console world.
Battlefield 4 has "Commander Mode" played entirely, along with regular console players on the tablet and the ability to move the map to your tablet with PS4 and Xbox One.  
Tom Clancys: The Division has a UAV role that is played completely on the tablet, along with regular console players.  
*XBox One has also committed to its SmartGlass idea of being able to control the Xbox, buy/download content and perform matchmaking during a game all on a tablet or #smone (I am starting “smone” because a “smartphone” is pretty much every phone out there).  

Notice there is no mention of the Wii U.

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