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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tech Time: Kingdoms of Camelot - Overview

KOC is a game created by Kabam and is available through Facebook or the Kabam website.  It is a strategy MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) style gameplay set in medieval times with knights, castles and magic.  The game does not have any visible action you can see on the screen. The game has evolved over many years, and Kabam continues to incorporate new features.  The following information will be a high level overview of the game.

Kabam has created many domains (server) for players and players have the ability to play on multiple domains.  Each domain is it’s own universe and does not connect to other domains.  Within a domain, players must build castles which contain many buildings (cottages, barracks, rally point, watch tower, etc.).  

The castles are the central point for training troops, attacking, obtaining resources and much more.  To date, players are able to have 8 castles.  Castles can be built when a player obtains “deeds” by attacking wilds (non-player controlled locations - lakes, grasslands, mountains, woods, hills, plains) or purchasing the deeds using gems (you use your real money to buy gems).

Along with building your own cities, you can create or join alliances with other members on the domain.  Alliances can be used to gather players and attack other alliances.  How much you want to fight is dependent on you, or the people who attack you. There are some people who are more social on the game (using alliance chat and messaging in the game, see screen shot of chat feature below) and some people who prefer more fighting.  This creates a mix of players and personalities within the game.

The game has many more detailed aspects requiring you to think about how your castles and troops are set-up to enhance your fighting style.  Too many details for this article (Throne Room, city types, crafting, troop types, etc.), but to learn more about all of the details refer to the links in the “Resources to Help Gameplay” section below.

The game is completely free, but you can also spend money to help obtain an advantage much faster.  Playing free takes more time to build up, but you can still be competitive as a free player (I do not pay to play).  Paying for gems can help to gain advantages by buying upgrades, chests (can include troops, helpful items, etc.), and much more.

Resources to Help Gameplay
There are sites available to help you learn more details about the game and become a better player.  Below are a few of the sites available:
  • KOC Forums - players discuss many aspects of the game here
  • Kocmon - great site to help look up player’s stats, alliances, etc.  It’s good to research who you are attacking.
  • KOC Wikia - site with many helpful details about the game
  • Many players use “scripts” to run the more monotonous aspects of the game.  These scripts can be easily found and installed on browsers such as Firefox and Pale Moon.  Examples of scripts can be found here - Power Tools and Power Bot (there are other scripts available)
  • A few others helpful sites can be found by searching the internet

The game can consume as much of your time as you are willing to put into it.  The type of player you want to be is dependent on how you want to play (more fighting or more social).  You can play for free or play and pay, it’s all up to you.

This article is a very high level overview of the game.  If you have any questions or would like more specific information on any of the details within the game, please respond back with comments stating what you would like to learn about.  Provide comments on the Facebook page or G+.



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This game is not available on the Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One

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