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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lifestyle: 3 Reasons YOU should be taking a fish oil

School of Fish
Fish Oil or more specifically the Omega 3’s in fish oil, have a whole host of benefits.  What we know about fish oil is substantial.  What we do not know could be even better. Here are a few of the many reasons you should be taking a fish oil.  Check it out and do not forget to comment.

Diving In
Heart Health - From heart disease to cholesterol to blood pressure fish oil has many benefits for the heart.(S) Fish Oil helps reduce blockages and prevent new ones from happening. Heart health is not something you want to try and catch up on. It is best to regulate and control heart health to avoid falling over dead from a life of neglect. It is best to start fish oil while you are healthy.  

Joint Inflammation - Active people or people with joint pain and /or morning stiffness could benefit from the effects of fish oil.(S) Runners have been taking fish oil to treat low level joint inflammation for years. Runners put a lot of impact strain on their joints.  Be sure to check out Tech Times essential piece of running equipment.
Circulation - Fish Oil is reported to help circulation.  Fish oil contains DHA and EPA which are Omega 3’s.  These Omegas are antioxidants which improve the elasticity of the vessel walls.  Increased elasticity reduces hemorrhages in the vessel wall.  These hemorrhages are directly linked to heart attacks and strokes in the form of hemorrhagic strokes.

Reeling it in  
These are just a few of the more commonly accepted reasons.  There are a whole myriad of auxiliary benefits.  Studies have shown that fish oil can even be used to treat ADHD in children(S).  It may seem like a haughty claim, but it will only work in certain cases where the subject is lacking DHA, and is retarding the development of their brains.  We know there is rarely a single silver bullet that will cure anything.  A full spectrum approach is suggested to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Such as, taking a multivitamin along with fish oil and various other supplements as needed can help you live a more healthy fulfilled life.

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