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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lifestyle: Job search tips in a digital world

Searching for a job can be a stressful time, but there are many ways to help enhance your search.  Utilizing the tools available on the internet and resources available in your local community will help with the process.  Below are a few ideas to help your search and many ideas of places to look.

Local Community
Many communities have opportunities to help with your job search.  A simple internet search of your local area may help to find these resources.  For example:
  • There may be career fairs held with local companies in attendance.  Search your city and “career fair”, “job fair”, “career expo”, or similar naming types.
  • Some churches or local organizations provide job search assistance and classes.  Reaching out to people you know or checking church, local organization and college websites may help you locate these services.
  • Many local governments have career centers available to help.  Check online to see if your city/county has a career center in your area.

LinkedIn ( )
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to highlight your work experience, make connections with other people you know, and search for jobs.  Recruiters use LinkedIn to search for people to fill jobs, so having a great profile helps to draw attention to your experience.  Within LinkedIn you can:
  • Make connections with other people you know or professionals in your field
  • Add a high level summary of your skills and experiences
  • Add your previous jobs and key responsibilities, which should be the same as your resume
  • Add specific skills and expertise key words (these help people searching for your skill set)
  • Add your education background
  • Search for jobs!  
  • And more

There are a many websites out there where companies post jobs, or certain websites that search the internet for job postings and compile them.  The following are some websites available:

Company Websites
Many companies have a “Careers” section, where you can learn about careers available at the company.  Identify companies you would like to work for (in your area or where you would be willing to move), then search to find their website.  Depending on how the company is set-up, you may be able to search for available jobs on the company website.  Many large companies have a job search option, with a way to create a profile you can use to apply for jobs you find on their site.  

There are many recruiting companies out there who can also help with your job search.  The recruiters help find you a job, may help with pre-interviewing, may help with resume review, etc.  For reputable recruiters, there is no cost to you; the recruiter’s fees are paid by the hiring company.  The following are some recruiting companies:

There are many resources readily available to help you find a job in the field you know or a field you may want to begin working.  Leveraging the power of these resources will help you find what you need quicker.


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