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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Election 2016 thru the Star Wars Lens

In honor of the recently released Star Wars movie, here is the majority of the field fighting for presidential #election2016 .  From the #demdebate to the #gopdebate.  We purposely left out O'malley because I could not find a picture of Alderaan.  I also realize that Vader, Dark Helmet and Anakin are the same person, but all represent various personalities throughout his life and the dark side.

Fiorina -Leia
Cruz - Solo
Carson - C3PO
Graham - Mouse Droid aka "Commander in Chief"
Santorum - Admiral Ackbar
Kasich - random guy
Trump - JarJar
Rubio - Anakin
Christie - Lando
Bush - Dark Helmet
Paul - Obi Wan

Sanders - Duku
Clinton - Vader(no helmet)
O'malley - not shown

Would you change any characters? Let us know in the FB comments.

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